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Newburyport is a very tree-covered urban community.     It would truly surprise those who have known no other reality to check out the historical photos and gaze upon a city that was largely treeless.


John Bromfield in his will, made the difference by spreading tree-lined avenues form Atkinson Common all the way to the border of Newbury.

These are the types of trees that should be planted in the city.     They have deep root structures and their heights when fully grown should be appropriate to the streetscape.



This Commission has effectively replaced the Newburyport Street Tree Committee.     It's duties are to closely monitor the health and inventory of the street trees in the city and to work with the Tree Warden to keep them properly stocked and healthy.




The Director of Public Services is assigned the duties of a tree warden.     It is job, in cooopeation wtih the city arborist; to maintain the health of the street trees.


The Tree Ordinance outlines his duties which may require the removal of sick trees, the grinding down of the stumps and the concerted effort to replace the tree with a new one.



Thanks to John Bromfield, street trees are a unique feature that makes Newburyport stand out over other communities in Massachusetts.       He bequethed their existence as a natural shade from the hot sun and a means to bring nature into the experience of being a pedestrian.      But having trees with sidewalks is a challenge requiring many considerations.

Advocacy & Funding

It is codified into law.      A listing of recommended trees, who is to take care of them, who is the tree warden and the city arborist and what responsibilities are mandated.


It is also a hard-list of recommended trees that should be used in the city.     The Department of Public Safety must follow it; and citizens should be fully aware also.

Even though the Tree Commission is in full force, and the Department of Public Safety's Tree Warden and City Arborist are working hard toward the good health of the trees; Advocacy is still needed.


Too many newcomers are unaware of the historic legacy of these trees and simply remove them or feel no obligation to take care of those abutting their property.       Worse, they don't even know why they should exist in the first place.


Advocacy educates as well as underline the importance of street trees.


In addition, aggressive funding should be pursued, publicly or privately to ensure the inventory of trees in the city is maintained.      So many diseased trees have been taken down; and there should always be a new one available to take its place.

Street Trees

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