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Brick sidewalks seem to get all the blame.      But the fact is, the lack of maintenance is the real culprit.        It doesn't matter if it is blacktop, concrete or the historic brick; it is maintenance that is desperately needed across the entire width and breadth of the City of Newburyport.


Years of neglect, and lack of funding has caused a beautiful urban environment to have some of the most dangerous conditions possible.    It will take citizens and the city combined to rectify this situation.

Properly done and well-maintained brick sidewalks are a beautiful thing to see.       As abutting homeowners, and the Department of Public Safety work hard to correct a deplorable condition that has existed for decades; these beautiful monuments to our historic past are popping up everywhere.


The board that will be reviwing applicants who are seeking relief from the installation of brick sidewalks in the adjoining city property that lies within the Newburyport Historic District and who have expended the additional $400 to have their sidewalks remain historic.


No fund, No Commission.

These are the main tops as to the way of dealing with brick sidewalks according to The American Disabilities Act.

In addition, the National Park Service has issued Preservation Brief 32 when it comes to dealing with accessabiity, including brick sidewalks.


This is the section containing the meat and potatoes of proper brick sidewalk installation, maintenance and procedures.      Included are sections on the strong benefits of having brick sidewalks within the Newburyport Historic District.

Not in existence yet - but will be a fund for the purpose of aiding homeowners abutting sidewalks to enable them to receive some relief from having to install brick in the adjoining public property.

Right now, to have brick sidewalks requires an investment of $400 to have it put in instead of cement.      Visionary Newburyporters who know how important this is for the city's Heritage Tourism and how it will increase their own adjoining equity and property values; are more often than not willing to make the sacrifice.       This fund will reward them in some measure for making the investment.

In order to have a fund that sets aside monies to promote brick sidwalks within the Newburyport Historic District; fundraising efforts need to take priority.

Brick Sidewalks

Your contractor will be filling out this permit as a requirement for doing sidewalk work.      He must be bonded and licensed.


It will pay as the abutter to city property to review it and keep a copy.    

There is still an open question as to liability so having this in your records for years later will be a benefit.


 Please do due diligence when hiring a contractor.     Make sure he has a license, has been properly bonded with the City of Newburyport's Building Department and find some testimonials about past work.       Most listed here have had some past experience laying brick in Newburyport.    


This is not a specific endorsement for any one brick layer.    At the time of this posting, the City still hasn't established standards (though they are working hard at it) so it pays to walk around and see your contractor's past work.

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