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Where did they come from?      Obviously, a combined city-wide effort was made to herald our seafaring days.


The history of these plaques started at the bicentennial of the founding of Newbury-port back in 1764.

Not only are the locations highlighted in this listing, but a house story may lie behind them.      Click each picture to find out what history lies behind the plaque.


Some are being worked on, while others may actually have deteriorated and fallen off the original buildings.      Historically-honoring residents may actually have placed a brand new one!      Keep checking as this list is getting larger all the time.

Heritage Tourism is extremely important in Newburyport.    Our city is a very walkable community and vital to that is making sure the house plaques on display are at tip-top condition.      Having more of them visble throughout the Newburyport Historic District ensures that we are at our best when visitors from around the world come to visit the city.


Plans are in the works to offer these plaques at a discounted rate and/or through a partial grant-matching program.     Stay tuned.

I encourage many in the city when you find you are living in a significantly historic house that has some connection to the sea to obtain these plaques.       


Their presence is a strong reinforcement of our proud history and contribute greatly to our heritage tourism as so many visitors walk our streets to soak up the atmosphere and to learn of our nation’s heritage.

Maritime House Plaques


As residents and visitors walk up our pleasant streets, regardless if they are in the Belleville neighborhoods, Joppa, the North End, the South End or along prestigious High Street; these beautiful house plaques can be seen.       They point to the city's rich maritime history where the bounty of the sea and the commerce of the world allowed the citizens to live in relative prosperity or in comfortable surroundings.       Whether international commerce, or privateering or ship building; each house tells a story and hints at the great achievements made in America's seafaring past.

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