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Taken as a whole, the City of Newburyport's historic district is one of the most beautiful urban environments in the country.       But the architecture is varied.        To track each style is to travel through time from before our nation was even born.        The first architectural style, First Period, indicated a time when New England was a wild place of indians and deep stretches of forest and wetlands.      Each new style herald a portion of time when new attitudes prevailed, and new era's played out - all reflected in the architecture.        To enjoy the history of Newburyport's historic houses is to learn about our nation's long history.      

You really can't renovate or restore an antique house without having a thorough understanding of the architectural style or styles that have been introduced into the structure.


This is a list of the styles and the indicators that will need to be retained to make the house appropriate and to preserve its maximum authentic value.

The Newburyport Historic District is the second largest National Register historic district in the country.      It is also the largest collecton of Federal style mansions in the national.        It starts at Atkinson Common city park, runs along High Street and covers a body of houses from Ashland Street in the west to Union Street in the East.    It includes the entire length of High Street from three-roads to the border with Newbury.


Historic houses should not be treated like a modern house.      The materials are long-lasting and often, are to approached in an entirely different way than the plastic and steel construction of today.


The value of the historic house can be retained by using guidelines that follow the general framework of architectural style, and which will keep the sustainability of the long-asting materials while at the same time making sure the house is energy-efficient.




There are only 8.3% of all structures left in America that are 50 years old or older.      And with the constant pressure of new construction; that percentage may in a few years be even more reduced.        The precious houses within the National Register Newburyport Historic District are under threat as house-flippers, ignorant homeowners and a drive for 'new' pervade our society.

John Bromfield Soceity is dedicated to work with other organizations to protect, and preserve this shrinking asset.

The Newburyport Preservation Trust has committed itself to preserve the historic buildings and neighborhoods of Newburyport.      Along with education, it is commited to work aggresively to advocate on a political level and working with the city to preserve one of the most important economic engines of the community, Heritage Tourism.

The 'Trust is also ready to assist homeowners with the task of preserving these buildings and stands ready to council, educate and to work with professional craftsmen and developers who work within the historic district.

A skilled craftsman who has experience working with antique buildings is a resource treasure not to be taken lightly.


The professional who is familiar with the historic structure will know the way to 'do it right' without destroying the irreplaceable treasure in doors, flooring, moldings, stairs and windows.     They are worth their weight in gold - this directory will help guide you to the right workman for the job.       Of course, due diligence is still required and all contacts should be thoroughly vetted.

Historic Houses

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